2014 Toyota Corolla Altis 1.6 (Singapore)

Model - ZRE171R
Engine - 1ZRFE
Color - 1D4
Transmission - K313 -09A Sep14
Tyres -  Yokohama dB Decibel E70
              Threadwear 280  Traction A  Temperature A
              205/55R16 91V
Tyres Pressure - Front 220 (32) Rear 210 (30)


(Running) Coolant Temperature - 90 - 91 degrees Celcius
(Running) Battery Voltage - 13.8V

Fuel Tank -  Low fuel indicator to full tank - approx. 47 litres.  If tank size is 55L,  approx 8 litres reserve ( not verified ) 

Power Outlet - 12V 120w ( 10A )

1k - Oil change only. No change of oil filter.
5k - Inspection only.  No change of oil.
10k - Includes tyre rotation.

Windows Tinting
FWS - C90
FSW Right & Left - C90
BWS - HP50
BSW Right & Left - HP50

C90 is Crystalline
HP50 is the FX-High Performance.

3M™ FX-HP Window Film HP 50
This light metallized film is designed primarily for the automotive market where a high visible
light transmission film is desirable and allowed by state law. HP-50 allows 52% of visible light
through the glass.  It rejects heat, reduces glare and retards interior fading.

Head Unit  
Toyota PZ072-00B03  Panasonic Ref CQ-US03GTST
Toyota PZ071-00819   Pioneer PVH5248

Paint Codes for 2014 Toyota Corolla Atlis 
040 Super White II
070 White Pearl White CS
1D4 Silver Metallic
1F9 Gray Metallic
218 Attitude Black Mica
3R3 Red Mica Metallic
4U3 Dark Brown Mica Metallic

Optimum Opti-Coat 2.0 Consumer
Optimum Car Wash
Optimum Car Wax (OCW)  - All exterior excluding tyres.  Very easy to use, spray and wipe.  More importantly, a single product for body panels, glass and trims !  Properly done, can last at least a month.
Optimum Leather Vinyl Protect -  All interior.
Optimum Opti-Clean - for between washes and stains after bird poos.

Manufacturer - Optimum Polymer Technologies, Inc. (OPT).

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